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• Why do we choose Pholuxy wireless charger ?
1).Output power up to 15W with 76% efficiency;
2).Maintain constant temperature of 40~42 degree Celsius while charging in order to protect your mobile from damaged;
3).Hold mobile firmly by patent nano-sucking technology ;
4).No radiation and harm through superior isolated magnetic sheet;

• Why do we choose Pholuxy memory battery case ?
1).It is only memory battery case that has been approved by Apple Inc.with MFI certificate in the world;
2).It is only battery case that can be inserted by TF memory card globally in order to backup data and photo;
3).Accessories are all designated by Apple Inc.;
4).AAA and ultra-thin Li-Polymer battery;

• Why do we choose Pholuxy power bank ?
1).Hi-efficient power management system through superior IC;
2).Advanced connecting interface and quick charging function with PD&QC;
3).Unique design by professional team and safe use with AAA battery;

• How to keep and protect power bank ?
1).We recommend the non-used power bank should be kept in a dry environment when it is not used for over 3 months;
2).For the non-used power bank, we suggest recharging the battery to 50% capacity every three months to maintain best performance of the battery;
3).Don’t bake or heat power bank, otherwise it would cause security issue;
4). Don’t use up all power. It will present pre-charging status in the next self-charging if you do so, and the charging time would require 2 or 3 hours more.
So in this case, the self-charging time slows down, and even the life of battery may be shortened;

• Have your products been approved by safety regulation ?
Yes,most of our products have been approved by CE,FCC,etc.

• For those items with MFI certificates,could you offer OEM or ODM service ?
Yes,we can.We can apply for MFI certificate in the name of your company for offering you OEM service.For ODM,our team is able to
help you make design and produce according to your idea and demand.

• How long can you guarantee your products ?
We’re sure to guarantee that all products can be used for more than 1 year.

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